Harnessing the Power of Non-thermal Water Energy

Enabling new minimally invasive approaches to improve patient outcomes.


HydroCision Advantage

HydroCision aims to improve clinical outcomes by adapting its fluidjet technology for spine and orthopedic applications. The tissue differentiating technology delivers a high velocity, nonthermal saline stream to cut and simultaneously aspirate tissue without external suction.

I have had wonderful success utilizing TenJet on my patients

I have had wonderful success utilizing TenJet on my patients with chronic heel pain. It is a quick, effective, easy to perform minimally invasive technique that leaves the anatomical structures intact and burns no bridges. Patients are back to activity in a normal shoe within days and complications have been non existent.

Mark Hofbauer, DPM The Orthopedic Group

I have seen excellent results with TenJet

Many of my patients have chronic tendinopathy and have seen excellent results, with fast recovery and pain relief, when treated with TenJet. TenJet is an excellent device for the treatment of both chronic and subacute tendinopathy.

Pradeep Albert, MD Medical Arts Radiology

Superior ability to reach pathologic tissue

I have been looking for years for effective treatments of chronic tendinopathies. I have found TenJet to be easier to operate with less interruption time from the tubing getting clogged and superior ability to reach the pathologic tissue due to its length. The patients I have performed this modality on have had nearly immediate improvement and have been completely satisfied.

Chad Stephens, DO Noble Pain Management & Sports Medicine

TenJet is an efficient & focused percutaneous surgical instrument

TenJet proves to be a highly efficient and focused percutaneous surgical instrument to access and debride diseased tissue under ultrasound visualization.

Reggie Kapteyn, DO Orthopaedic Associates of Muskegon

TenJet is a more refined instrument

TenJet is a more refined instrument than a burr or rotary shaver.

Daniel Fett, MD Orthopaedic Associates of Muskegon