Technology Platform

Harnessing the Power of Water

HydroCision has developed a proprietary method of delivering a miniaturized, high velocity stream of sterile saline to a surgical site while simultaneously enabling a Venturi suction effect to cut and remove tissue of various densities in a minimally invasive manner.The system’s two main components include a power console and a single use handpiece. The power console transmits water energy at adjustable settings in the form of controlled, pressurized sterile saline that travels through a high-pressure tubing set into a single use handpiece. At the distal end of the handpiece, the saline is delivered across a small window as a fine, high velocity jet stream. The velocity of the saline creates its own Venturi suction, effectively pulling targeted tissue into the cutting window where the jet and suction act simultaneously to cut and remove it. The debrided tissue and waste saline then travel through a second evacuation tube to a waste container. Each disposable handpiece set has been customized for the specific clinical applications in spine and orthopedics.

Tissue Differentiation

A key feature and advantage of the system is its ability to differentiate between tissue types and densities. By adjusting the pressure and parameters of the handpiece nozzle, the device can selectively cut tissue without disturbing the surrounding healthy tissue or vital structures.

Unlike laser or radio frequency technologies, HydroCision devices deliver a nonthermal stream of saline, which eliminates the risk of thermal damage to surrounding tissue.

System Components