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Treating Chronic Tendon Pain at the Source

The TenJet System bridges the gap in treatment options for tendinosis by enabling an image-guided, tissue selective resection of degenerative tendon tissue to target the source of chronic tendon pain and provide patients relief from tendinosis also referred to as chronic tendinitis or chronic tendinopathy.

Selectively Resect Diseased Tissue Using the Power of Water

TenJet’s innovative design utilizes a dual-lumen, 12-gauge needle with a 1.65 mm cutting window at the tip to deliver a pressurized, high-velocity jet of saline that acts as a cutting water blade to resect and evacuate diseased tendinopathic tissue.  The patented technology uses fluid dynamics to create Venturi effect and an in-line suction at the needle tip to pull only the degenerative, tendinopathic tissue into the cutting window, where it is resected and evacuated instantaneously.

Treat Chronic Tendinopathy in an Outpatient Setting

TenJet enables physicians to treat calcifications, tendon thickening, and degeneration associated with tendinosis in an efficient yet precise manner, requiring only an outpatient setting to perform the procedure. Using TenJet, physicians can effectively remove only the diseased tissue and leave healthy tissue behind during real-time, image-guided procedures. Because an ultrasound-guided tenotomy using TenJet requires only a stab incision, the surgical site can be easily closed with Steri-Strips and in most cases, will not require sutures.

TenJet is used by physicians to treat a wide range of conditions resulting in chronic tendon pain.

  • Achilles chronic tendinitis treatment
  • Bursitis treatment
  • Calcific tendinitis treatment
  • Patellar and Quadriceps chronic tendinitis treatment
  • Plantar Fasciitis treatment
  • Rotator Cuff calcific or chronic tendinitis treatment
  • Surgical scar tissue debridement
  • Tendinosis treatment
  • Tennis Elbow and Golfer’s Elbow treatment
  • Treatment of chronic hip pain due to Gluteus Medius tendinitis
  • Treatment of hamstring or IT band injuries
  • Treatment for repetitive tendon strain injuries

Features & Benefits of TenJet

High-Precision Resection Technology

Compared to traditional techniques that utilize mechanical, ultrasonic, or radiofrequency resection tools, the saline jet acts as a precise cutting tool without generating heat.

Tissue Selective Resection of Diseased Tendon

Window design combined with the Venturi suction effect enables a tissue-selective method to resect diseased tendon tissue without harming healthy tissue.

Real-time image guided procedure

Instantaneous resection and evacuation of diseased tissue, allows clear visualization of tissue changes during the procedure.

Versatility, safety and effectiveness

TenJet can be used to treat tendinosis in any part of the body safely and effectively.

A Minimally Invasive Outpatient Procedure

12-gauge, 3-inch needle enables minimally invasive treatment using a stab incision in an outpatient setting.

Covered by Most Insurance Policies

The tenotomy procedure is reimbursed by Medicare and most private insurers.

Resources for Tendinopathy Treatment

TenJet helps physicians provide a safe and effective, minimally invasive treatment for chronic tendinitis or tendinosis patients. Explore resources below for a closer look at educational content on patient selection, technique, post-procedure rehabilitation, product information, and how physicians are using TenJet to relieve tendon pain, treat tendinitis and tendinosis, and improve patients’ quality of life.

Watch the TenJet Technique Videos

See technique videos for treating tendinosis in the shoulder, elbow, hip, patella, Achilles and plantar fasciitis.

Physician Testimonials

This treatment works, plain and simple.

It produces very good outcomes with minimal morbidity. It has been an excellent addition to the armamentarium of tendinopathy treatments.

Joseph R. Ruane, DO Ohio Health Physician Group

TenJet has changed the way that I treat chronic tendon problems in my practice.

Previously, patients only had invasive or expensive options available to them once they had failed conventional conservative treatment. Now I can offer them a minimally invasive, effective, evidence-based treatment to improve their pain.

Christopher Varacallo, DO Penn Highlands Orthopedic and Sports Medicine

TenJet is an efficient & focused surgical instrument

TenJet proves to be a highly efficient and focused surgical instrument to access and debride diseased tissue under ultrasound visualization.

Reggie Kapteyn, DO Orthopaedic Associates of Muskegon

I have had wonderful success utilizing TenJet on my patients

I have had wonderful success utilizing TenJet on my patients with chronic heel pain. It is a quick, effective, easy-to-perform, and minimally invasive technique that leaves the anatomical structures intact and burns no bridges. Patients are back to activity within days and complications have been nonexistent.

Mark Hofbauer, DPM The Orthopedic Group

Superior ability to reach pathologic tissue

I have been looking for years for effective treatments of chronic tendinopathies. I have found TenJet to be easier to operate with less interruption time from the tubing getting clogged and superior ability to reach the pathologic tissue due to its length. The patients I have treated using TenJet have had nearly immediate improvement and have been completely satisfied.

Chad Stephens, DO Noble Pain Management & Sports Medicine

TenJet is a more refined instrument

TenJet is a more refined instrument than a burr or rotary shaver to treat shoulder calcifications.

Daniel Fett, MD Orthopaedic Associates of Muskegon

I have seen excellent results with TenJet

Many of my patients have chronic tendinopathy and have seen excellent results, with fast recovery and pain relief, when treated with TenJet. TenJet is an excellent device for the treatment of both chronic and subacute tendinopathy.

Pradeep Albert, MD Medical Arts Radiology