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HydroCision, Inc., is a privately held medical device company focused on the commercialization of its proprietary FluidJet technology. HydroCision’s primary focus is to improve surgical outcomes by enabling novel minimally invasive solutions to meet unmet clinical needs across various medical specialties.

Improving Patient Outcomes with Modern Technology

We have developed a proprietary method of delivering and utilizing a pressurized, high-velocity jet of sterile saline to selectively resect and remove targeted tissue in a minimally invasive manner.

Developing A Suite of Precise Surgical Instruments

HydroCision has established a unique portfolio of technologies in the area of FluidJet-assisted soft tissue resection. Single-use handpiece instruments have been specifically designed to cut and remove tissue faster and with higher precision than other surgical modalities, thereby enhancing clinical and economic outcomes in multiple fields of surgery.

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Designed For a Wide Range of Surgical Applications

HydroCision’s technology has been commercialized and is in use in diverse medical fields such as wound management, urology, spine, and orthopedic sports medicine through direct commercialization efforts or strategic partnerships. The company is continuously pursuing opportunities to expand its portfolio in various fields and surgical applications.

Physicians use HydroCision’s TenJet and SpineJet products to provide efficient, effective, and safe treatment in a wide range of surgical applications, including:

  • Tendinosis treatment
  • Tennis Elbow and Golfer’s Elbow treatment
  • Plantar Fasciitis treatment
  • Patellar and Quadriceps chronic tendinitis treatment
  • Achilles chronic tendinitis treatment
  • Rotator Cuff calcific or chronic tendinitis treatment
  • Treatment of chronic hip pain due to Gluteus Medius tendinitis
  • Treatment of hamstring or IT band injuries
  • Bursitis treatment
  • Treatment for repetitive tendon strain injuries
  • Calcific tendinitis treatment
  • Surgical scar tissue debridement
  • Herniated disc decompression
  • Disc prep for bone graft implantation
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Meet The Experts Behind HydroCision

The mission and vision of HydroCision are driven by our experienced Management Team and guided by our expert Board of Directors. Together, we’re developing innovative solutions that fill gaps in treatment options by harnessing the latest advances in imaging techniques, technology, and HydroCision’s proprietary FluidJet technology.

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Interested in joining us in our mission of improving the tools and procedures available for physicians in a variety of surgical applications? Explore our latest employment opportunities today.

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Connecting Patients with the Knowledge They Need

Improving patient outcomes starts with keeping patients informed and educated about our treatment options. That’s why we provide information for patients and physicians to quickly reference and learn everything they need to know about treating tendinosis with TenJet technology.

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