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HydroCision, Inc., is a privately held medical device company focused on the commercialization of proprietary fluidjet technology. HydroCision’s primary focus is to improve surgical outcomes by adapting water-jet technology to various medical applications. The company has accomplished this by developing a proprietary method of controlling a hair-thin, supersonic stream of sterile saline accompanied by a simultaneous Venturi suction system to cut and selectively remove tissue of various densities from a surgical site in a minimally invasive manner. Single-use handpiece instruments have been specifically designed to hold, cut, sculpt, or ablate tissue faster and with higher precision than other surgical modalities, thereby enhancing clinical and economic outcomes in multiple fields of surgery.

The company has established a unique patent estate in the area of fluidjet-assisted soft tissue removal. It has commercialized applications in the field of interventional pain management, spine surgery, and orthopedic sports medicine and is actively pursuing opportunities to broaden applications in the fields of urology, ENT, and women’s health. It has also partnered with leading medical device organizations in the fields of wound care and prostate disease (BPH).