HydroCision & Konica Minolta Healthcare Announce Distribution Agreement for TenJet

WAYNE, N.J., April 11, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Konica Minolta Healthcare Americas, Inc., a leader in MSK ultrasound, announced today a distribution agreement with HydroCision, Inc., a pioneer in the development and commercialization of fluidjet technologies for minimally invasive soft tissue removal. Under the terms of the agreement, Konica Minolta Healthcare is an authorized distributor of the company’s TenJet Percutaneous Tenotomy System for minimally invasive tenotomy procedures. TenJet is an all-in-one tool for needling, debridement and lavage of diseased tendon tissue under ultrasound guidance.

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HydroCision Touts Study Results For Herniated Disk Treatment

For the last two-and-a-half years since a group of investors took over control of Hydrocision Inc., the medical device company has been focused on a minimally-invasive way to treat lower back and leg pain due to herniated disks. Now, it hopes a recently-published study will helps establish its products’ effectiveness and spread the word about the treatment in the U.S.

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HydroCision Announces Reults from a Newly Published, Multi-Center Study Demonstrating 94% Improvement in Back & Leg Pain

NORTH BILLERICA, Mass., January 11, 2013 -- HydroCision Inc., a privately held medical device company, today announced the results of a multi-center study published in the January edition of the Internet Spine Journal demonstrating a 94% improvement in back and leg pain for patients receiving Hydrodiscectomy. It has been estimated that more than 60 million people worldwide experience chronic lower back and leg pain, which is often caused by herniated or 'bulging' spinal discs, a leading cause of disability among Americans less than 45 years of age. The study consisted of a retrospective analysis of 50 patients who received the Hydrodiscectomy procedure after failing conservative treatment such as pain medications, physical therapy and epidural steroid injections.

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